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Why Don't Books Make Any Money?
Because they're poorly written and poorly marketed.
That's where Pierucci Publishing comes in.
We are Committed to Writing and Publishing Books that Elevate World Consciousness Through:
Manuscript Consultations
Writer's Retreat
Re-launch Campaigns
Work-book Design
Book Sales Website
Pre-launch Marketing
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Book Monetization Plan
Our Commitment is to Writing Books That Last!
If you've done your research, you've learned that in 99.998 percent of scenarios, books don't make much money.
However, with Pierucci Publishing, we will find a way for your book to make a splash in your perfect market with results that range from product sale to high-ticket lead generation.
Our books are designed to set you apart as a thought leader while providing the world with something that is:
  • Time Transcending
  • Imperishable
  • Impactful
Do You Desire to Become a Bestselling Author?
Do you wake up each day thinking "what would it be like if I were a bestselling author?" You've come to the right place. We help authors successfully launch their books into real bestsellers!
We're talking Amazon, The Wall Street Journal, and USA Today (for now...)
Becoming a bestseller is surreal. One thing for sure, all your hard work and dedication paid off. After all, you're not just any author.
A best-selling status is a reminder you that you've reached thousands of readers, and now have the opportunity to truly bless people's lives with your story and work.
And when you bless others, the same energy flows through the universe, rushing back at you... in the form of podcast guestings, talk-show appearances, speaking on stages, new leads taking an interest to do business with you, and so much more! 
Turn Your Book Into
An Audiobook
The audiobook market is a billion $ industry. If you don't want a piece of that, then you have no business of launching an audiobook.
Reader behavior has led to an increase of audiobook listenership, from "non-readers" to busy CEOs.
Lastly, audiobooks are much easier to find in the vast ocean of book publishing. Plus, you earn more profit from audiobook sales than paperback and ebooks. Ask us why and how!
Supercharge Your Sales
With a Book Funnel
At Pierucci Publishing, we believe your book is a business with 4 corners.
It's not a myth that becoming a "rich author" is a one in a million opportunity.
The smartest people on the planet have used their published works to 1) boost their brand recognition, 2) drive more leads to their business, and 3) use their books to let people into their high-ticket businesses like consulting and coaching programs.
All these are possible with a carefully planned and well-designed book funnel.
Our 4-Step Process
With Pierucci Publishing, allow us to guide you in a long-term approach to creating a book that is excellently-written, exceptionally-executed, and expertly-strategized for a larger brand and/or monetization strategy beyond book sales.

Stage One: Manuscript Development

This includes creating a page-turning manuscript that isn't the same rehashed Jim Rohn and Zig Ziglar quotes everybody else uses.

Our goal is to help you create a unique book that doesn't cast a wide net on a generic topic, but focuses on a specific phenomenon. Think: Atomic Habits (James Clear), Blink (Malcolm Gladwell), or Mastery (Robert Greene).

We'll make sure that if you have autobiographical elements to propel your larger message or theory, that the book reads in a sophisticated way, more like a business book than a memoir.

If you have a manuscript already coming in, we'll work with a Book Business Consultant and Copy Editing team to make that book pop, rendering it timeless and profitable as a tool in your business.

Stage Two: Pre-Launch

Once your book is edited and ready for publishing, we'll work with you to get support through strategic and affiliate partners for your One Million Impressions Launch.

When your book receives a million warm impressions, you're likely to hit at least one bestseller list.

We will work in Stage Two on your:

- Audiobook
- Book Website for Lead Generation, Email Capture, and Upsells or Bookings to your business
- Podcast or PR Tour
​- SPAS System Lead Generation, List-Building, Email Capture and Appointment Setting through Social Media Relationship Marketing

Stage Three: Launch / Publishing

We'll help you launch your book with a bang, be it an event or a Ted Talk; dream big about how you want to announce your book to the world.

In this stage your book will have global distribution and we'll tether your book launch to an event that propels your message or tool in an elegant way.

Stage Four: Marketing / Book Launch

Use our team to continue marketing your book over time with excellent content and engagement on your social profiles as well as continued Business Support as your brand and offerings elevate through your new status as a Bestselling Author.

Don't let your book and blessing disappear into the wind like so many other books do after launch.

We trust that with Pierucci Publishing, your book will survive and gain traction year after year, for decades after publishing.
Apply here and let us know which Stage you're in so that we can partner with you on your timeless, imperishable, and impactful book.
See What Our Authors Have To Say
"The reviews for my book are through the roof... They're better than I hoped they would ever be...
The whole process has been so absolutely amazing. I cannot recommend Stephanie enough... taking me from literally Zero to a published book in a little over 60 days."

- Laura Shofroth
Book Sales
Want to Become a Bestseller?
In just 8 weeks, you can become "the" published author you've always known you were called to be.
At Pierucci Publishing, you can also become:
  • An Amazon Bestseller
  • A USA Today Bestseller
  • ​A Wall Street Journal Bestseller
...with our white glove marketing service that's guaranteed to get you these highly coveted author-badges.
Here are some of the titles we've produced that also garnered bestseller status.
Who knows? Our next bestseller could be you!

Meet Our Founder & CEO

Stephanie Pierucci
Stephanie Pierucci is an accomplished #1 best-selling author, speaker, creator, and marketer of several academic courses including Manifesting Secrets.
She has books and coached students in book-writing for 11 years. 
As a consummate bibliophile, you'd be hard-pressed to find somebody who loves books and story-telling more than she does.
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